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I’ve done hundreds of presentations for various state organizations, environmental centers, native plant societies, state parks, etc. I lead foraging programs for groups large and small. My favorite combination is a wild edibles PowerPoint discussion followed by a foraging walk outside, wherever we happen to be. And I love doing wild food demos! I remind folks that there are edible plants everywhere.

My interest began as an inner-city kid, growing up across the river from New York City. I was not exactly surrounded by green things! I remember wanting to know the names of the “weeds” that grew in my neighborhood, sprouting up through the cracks in the concrete.

While working on my undergraduate degree in Biology, someone told me you could eat the dandelions on the campus lawn. Well, that was it! That spark ignited my passion for learning about wild edible plants.

I went on to receive a Master’s in Food and Nutrition from New York University.

As a long-time nutritionist, I have always wanted to know what is “out there” in nature that is food for humans. Our species has become so disconnected from the wild foods we were designed to eat. Understanding wild plants connects us with Nature, while providing superior nutrition.

I’m also a Certified Rutgers Master Gardener and a Pennsylvania Master Naturalist.

When I’m not working as a Clinical Nutritionist, I’m leading foraging walks and conducting programs where I talk wild edibles and try to create that spark for others.

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